About us

What we’re about

young interracial family having a picnic

At MyInterracialFamily we are committed to providing interracial families with advice on life that is not experienced by those in same race relationships. As men and women with interracial families, we understand that life is very different for those raising mixed-race children and dealing with issues not often faced by same race couples.

What this site offers

We offer our readers advice and information on the following topics:

  • dealing with in-laws who may not be ‘on board’ with your interracial relationship
  • confronting bullying that your children may be experiencing
  • dating advice for those seeking an interracial partner in order to start a mixed-race relationship
  • general family advice such as traveling with kids and suitable activities for your children
  • and so much more!

Our goal

Our objective is to provide our readers with all the information that they need to make life as a member of an interracial family that much easier. There is no greater experience in life than raising children in a loving environment and, with interracial relationships become ever more popular, we feel that this is an important website to create for the benefit of interracial couples everywhere.