Fun Family Bonding Activities For You And Your Kids

family bonding activities

Strengthening your family bond depends on how you create special moments together. Sharing special moments together leads to happy family and happy family leads to a stronger bond between the family members. Here are some of the suggestions of family bonding activities that will surely add up special moments in your life.

Schedule family time

No matter how much you want to spend some family time together, you won’t be able to do it efficiently if you can’t schedule a chunk of time every week. Before you make your mind to keep your family bond stronger it’s absolutely necessary to set some decided minimum hours for the family on weekly basis.

Once you decide that you will be spending some quality time with family every Friday, then your family members will also be prepared for the hangout.

Eat meals together

Studies have found that eating meals together has very positive effects on the communication system of the family; it’s a time when you all get on a table and face each other on the family discussion.

Choose a time every day when all the family members need to be present on the table, whether it’s for the breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s also important to prohibit any phone, laptop or any other electronic device to disrupt the communication.

Vacation on exotic destinations

It’s always advised to have a family vacation at any beautiful destination, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars for a vacation; all you require is some quality time with full family.

Regular vacation also has positive effects on the kid’s personality, they tend to learn how to deal with new people and new atmosphere.

family bonding activities

Play together

One of the best ways to improve your bond with your kids is to play with them on regular basis, I am not asking you to leave your office to play with your kids but you can spare some time to play with kids instead of sitting on your couch and watching Netflix.

Create a mission statement

Good parenting always includes a mission statement, mission statements is nothing but a bunch of statements that portrays the core values of family. I remember my father always used to keep up motivated by the mission statements which he used to print and tape them on doors so that we can read them always whenever we pass through the door. Mission statements are a great reminder to keep the family close to their core values.

Support each other

Being in a family doesn’t mean individual efforts, it requires a teamwork. You should make a habit of a family member to help each other in every task to maintain the bonding between the family, whether it’s about gardening or cooking or repairing any stuff, all the members should have a habit of helping each other.


Volunteering for a social cause helps in developing core values, always have a habit of volunteering for many social causes and always keep your kids together so that they can also soak the habit of helping others without expecting anything.