How to talk to the kids when they ask “why they are different”

mixed race family

Ever wondered how to talk to kids who are mixed race when they confront you wondering why they are different? This is a topic most parents of interracial kids dread. However, you can’t avoid this or put it on hold. This is a touchy topic that as a parent, you need to be prepared to tackle at one point in time. You need to help them be proud of and accept their individuality.

you can help them grow up with pride, confidence, and a strong sense of self.

How to help kids establish their racial identity

Use science to explain why…

We can’t run away from genetics, right. This is the best way to explain why they look different. Let them understand that they are a mix of two best worlds. Let them understand that the different features of both parents were fused together. You can use vanilla and chocolate ice cream, mix them and let them see for themselves.

Explain that there is nothing with being the child in an interracial relationship

How to talk to kids best is to give them confidence and a sense of self-worth. Talk to them about their identity and the differences in both cultures. Tell them they are lucky that they get to have a rich cultural heritage. And teach them not to choose one side but embrace both with pride.

Outline that if they are being bullied they need to talk to you

There are people who fear what seems different. And this fear can lead to bullying others. Let your kids know that they can come to you if this ever happens.

How to talk to kids about identity is to always let them know they are loved.

Even if people out there aren’t as accepting, the best gift to give your mixed kids is to let them know that your love is all that matters.