Statistics relating to interracial dating and marriage

interracial dating statistics

Interracial marriages in the US are on the constant rise and this all has become possible due to changing mindset of people. After more than 50 years of Loving v. Virginia, things have changed considerably and people’s mentality towards interracial relationships has changed as well.

Let’s discuss some of the interesting Interracial Dating Statistics:

  • The number of interracial marriages has raised 5 folds since 1967.
  • Today approximately 17% of the married couples are interracial, this is huge.
  • There are around 11 million people are married to someone belonging to different caste and religion.
  • Today about 18% of the African American is getting married to someone from another cast.
  • Asians have the largest share of interracial marriages, 29% of the Asians marry to someone outside their cast.
  • One of the most common interracial pairings is between Hispanic and the whites.
  • Hawaii has proven itself as the most liberal state with over 42% of interracial marriages.
  • African men are more likely to find their partner from a different race in comparison to African women.
  • 14% of the infants are born Bi-racial, all because of interracial relationships.

Tips to make your interracial relationship forever.

The number of divorce cases in an interracial relationship is quite higher not because of the differences in nature and culture, but because of the ignorant nature of couple.

Many couples marry someone outside of their race but they forget to follow some general rules to make their relationship last longer. Some of the habits to make your relationship stronger:

  • Understanding is the biggest tool that can make you survive an interracial relationship, you are going to face a lot of criticism and cultural differences but you need to have the strong understanding to bypass any hurdle.
  • Listen to the needs of your partner, there are going to be some needs that will should unique to you. You need to pay attention to the needs to keep her happy and satisfied.
  • Interracial relationships require a lot of learning, you will be required to learn and understand your partners traditional and cultural values.